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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Matthew B and Miguel P's Unproject

Hey guys, we have done an ALGEBRA SONG. We totally made all the lyrics so you know it's ORIGINAL! Not the tone dudes, no copyright intended dudes and dudets.

                                    CLICK HERE FOR THE SONG


Billionaire: (Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars)

Hey guys I learned something new,

something you should know too.

I learned Algebra in math today.

It was hard but I got through

That means YOU can too.

So listen up so I can teach you!

We Could Happen: (AJ Rafael)

First, we will work on multiplication,
then we move on to division. There are
6 steps tooooh success. For example is 2k+1=2
Go ahead, solve it, I believe in you!
So, the 1st step is to isolate, isolate the variable
toooh have less trouble.

I Won't Give Up: (Jason Mraz)

The second thing we do, is to cancel the constant,
next we balance, then we simplify.
4th we cancel, cancel the coefficient. Get ready
for the next step. We Verify!! So I won't give up on math,
even if my mom gives me a bath! (lolwut?) We still
got a lot to learn, and Harbeck knows all of it.

Payphone: (Maroon 5 & Wiz Khalifa)

The next part is to divide with the variables.
The first step is to isolate, isolate the variable
after you did that what is next? Zero pair
the constant to reduce the mess!


And what is the final step??

Whistle (Flo Rida)

You have to verify, verify to let you know,
that you solved the equation and you have
proof to showwwww...

Variable- A letter that represents an unknown number.

Constant- A number that will always stay the same

Coefficient- A number of quantity placed before and multiplying
another quantity.



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