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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dale's fraction post 

Pay it Forward

What I did for pay it for ward is to shovel the out side of my house and my neighbour's house
So my Dad doesnt have to do it and my neighbour too I finished my neighbours house first.

Chantelle's fraction post

So the question is1/4 x 5/8. 

i solved it like this, 
First i multiply the numerators, 1 x 5 = 5
then i multiply the denominators, 4 x 8 =  32
And combine the two, and fraction is 5/32

pay it forward

what i did for pay it forward was make my bed so my mom dosent need to do it but i do it most of the time so decided to do when she was about to do it.

Mariel's Integer Scribepost

(This post is extremely late. Sorry.)

These are the 3 questions I chose from  column 3 on the sheet that was assigned on December 5th.

Click this LINK for a cool math game about integers.

If you still need help, watch this video: 

fraction post Miguel

Mariel's Pay it Forward

Part 1: 
What is "Pay it Forward"? To me, "Pay it Forward" is a random act of kindness. It's when you do a good deed for others, and ask for nothing in return.

Part 2: 
My act of kindness is donating gently used clothing to Canadian Diabetes. I chose to do this because I have lots of clothes that I no longer use. A few weeks ago, Canadian Diabetes called and asked if we wanted to donate clothes this year, so I took the opportunity. With my donation, I am just one of the people helping Canadians with diabetes or prediabetes. I collected many unneeded items of clothing from my closet and drawers, and placed them into a garbage bag. I have been planning this act of kindness since December 2nd, but Canadian Diabetes still hasn't picked up my donation.

(My camera hasn't been working lately, but I'll post a picture as soon as my camera works again.)

Part 3:
I think my act of kindness is going to be good. When Canadian Diabetes calls to say they're going to pick up the clothes, I will leave the bag outside my front door, and place a "D" on it to show it's for them. I feel good about what I'm doing because I'm helping a great cause, and making room for new clothes. Since Canadian Diabetes hasn't picked up the clothes yet, I haven't been been able to ask anyone to "Pay it Forward", but as soon as they do, I'll update this post.

Part 4:
I think that the idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because from just one person who decides to show a random act of kindness really inspires other to do so, and that's what counts. I think I made difference because the clothes I've donated goes to Value Village. Some day, the hoodie I donated will be on someone else's back keeping them warm from our cold weather. I know my random act of kindness didn't change the world, but I can start with this, and maybe one day, I could.

Cassie's Math Booklet Scribepost

1. You can model ____some____ integer divisions on a ___integer line___.
2. You can divide two integers by dividing the ___numerals___ and applying the ___sign___ rules.
a) The quotient of two integers with the same sign is positive.
b) The quotient of two integers with different signs is negative.

Cassie's Math Booklet Scribepost

1) Examine this pattern

(-20) ÷ (-5) = +4
(-15) ÷ (-5) = +3
(-10) ÷ (-5) = +2
(-5) ÷ (-5) = +1
÷ (-5) = 0
(+5) ÷ (-5) = -1
(+1-) ÷ (-5) = -2

a) use integer chips to complete the first four lines. Describe the pattern.
Each answer is one less than the answer before it.

b) Extend the pattern to determine the quotient (10) ÷ (-5)

2) Penelope gets a pay cheque of $750 every two weeks. If she works from Monday to Friday, how much is earned each day? Use the division of two integers to represent this situation, then solve.

(+750) ÷ (+10) = $75

3) Kellie played four games of hockey this weekend. She was on the ice when her opponents scored 20 goals. Her stats receive a -1 each time. What are her stats for each game this weekend?

(-20) ÷ (+4) = -5

Cassie's Math Booklet Order Of Operations Scribepost

Calculate. Show your thinking.
a) 8 + 6 x 5 - 1
8 + 30 - 1
38 + 1
= 39

b) 3 x (7 - 2) + 16 ÷ 4
3 x 5 + 16 ÷ 4
15 + 4
= 19

c) 24 ÷ 6 + 18 ÷ 2
4 + 18 ÷ 2
4 + 9 
= 13

d) (4 + 2) ÷ 6 + 6 x 3 - 4
÷ 6 + 6 x 3 - 4
1 + 6 x 3 - 4
1 + 18 - 4
19 - 4
= 1

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Matt's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

What is Pay it Forward?
Pay it Forward is a chain, it's that you help someone with no reward, because they want you to do the same to other people with no reward. As it multiplies it becomes a huge chain with various people who have been affected by it.

Part 2:

Who did you help?
I helped an old man down my street whom I don't know, but I always see him struggling to walk down the stairs on his way to the gate, so I thought I should help him by opening his gate for him so he wouldn't have to do it himself, and I did that countless times for him, then now it's the time of season where you need to shovel, and this winter for Winnipeg has been a snowing outburst, so as soon as I heard this assignment I automatically thought about the old man who I open the gate for. So I see his front yard and back yard and all you see is snow piling up to a great amount of snow, so I thought that opening the gate wasn't enough and how is he even supposed to get to the gate with all that snow in his yard.

What was your Pay it Forward activity?

I guess my answer above pretty much tells it all, but if you still haven't figured it out, well then I shoveled his front and back yard for him.

Why did you choose this activity?

You see, simple things such as shoveling someones yard is cliche and I totally understand. But if the person living in that house that needs shoveling is elderly and struggles to even walk down the stair, well, I'm pretty sure that the man would really appreciate it. One day I will be elderly like that old man whom I helped, and as a wise man once said, "If you want respect, you need to earn respect." So if I help an old man now, then you never know if a much younger person than me saw me helping the old man and might think "Hey, that guy has a heart, so maybe I should do the same cause maybe when I get old maybe kids will help me too!" The things you think that exceed the level of simplicity may have a huge effect on an individual. Let's say the old man needed medication, but he can't get it cause his path is filled with snow, so his life is in risk cause of some snow, but it only takes one person to change a person's life. I quote "It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or even who you are, you can change an individual's life, but you just need a little hope."

When did you do your act of kindness?
December 3rd, 2012. (Posted today because my video was not uploading to blogger."

Part 3:

How did your act of kindness go?

Splendid. I had a very fun time shoveling the snow cause I'm a "Winnipegger" and I love snow. It was a nice day, a little chilly but not enough to stop me and I took me about and hour.

What happened?
As I knocked on his door he opened it and I showed him what I did to his front yard. He had a nice innocent smile like a child opening a brand new present on Christmas Day. He reached for his wallet, but I interrupted and told him I don't want money, I said "No need to pay me, just have a nice day."

How did you feel?
I felt a hard tug on my heart, a good one. It made me feel so heroic and so mellow cause I walked out his yard with a smile on my face that looks like I got an A+ in Math. Yeah, right.

How did the person react?
Like I said, he was very thankful and had a nice innocent smile like a child opening up a present on Christmas Day.

Did I ask the person to Pay it Forward?

Well, yes but I really don't expect him to do anything that requires too much physical capability but I asked him if had any grandsons or granddaughters and he said yes, and I asked him if you can tell them about Pay it Forward.

Part 4:

Why is the idea of Pay it Forward important?

It is important because it gives other people to have an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?

Yes, because now that old man has a the freedom to walk out of his house to go wherever he wants whenever he wants so if he ever needs medication then he can get it, and also it's a thing that he can check off something of his "Tell Grandson/daughter to do list."

Since my video could not upload I had a cousin who took a part of the video and made it as a picture. This is the part when I finished shoveling and I posed for the video with the job that I have done.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Raphaels Pay it forward

This year for pay it forward I babysat my cousin for free. I know, I know, some of you are probably saying babysitting for my aunt is nothing, that i HAVE to babysit for free. But ever since she gave birth everything is pretty out of the ordinary in my family, my mom and dad are caught up in all the working they have to do, my aunt is sadly confined in the hospital for almost a month, and my uncle is also working. The only person left to get the job done is me I sometimes also have difficulty with my cousin because of the homework teachers assign sometimes I just cant do it all. When i really think about it I have to because my mom cant because i realized she is mostly cleaning the house and working, so this is pretty much the least I can do for my family.

Carla's Fraction ScribePost

Write the multiplication statement represented by each diagram.




5. Tamara lives 3/4 km from school. She runs 1/3 of the distance and then walks the rest of the way to her house. How far does Tamara run? 

Tamara runs 1/4 km. 

10. An order of bruschetta for 4 uses 1/3 of a load of French bread. How much of a load does each person get when they share the order equally? 

4 uses 1/3. They all get 1/12 of a loaf

Dividing integers

Raphaels Integer Scribe Post

To Subtract integers the most important thing to use is the Zero Pair.

When you have and integer statement like (-5) - (-7), what do you do?

Secrets to subtracting fractions.

1. You write down the equivalent question [ for this certain one it is (-5) + (+7) ]
2. Remove the second integer
3. You then use the zero pair to get rid of the -7
4. You keep the positive the +7 because you are only removing -7
5. Now you take the +7 and combine it with -5
6. Now you have your answer!

Here is a Link for you guys if  I couldn't explain it enough for you to understand.

Raphaels Fraction scribe post

To divide a fraction you obviously need fractions.

If our fraction is 4/5 divided by 1/2, how could we turn that into a question (Wilson Way)?

How Many Groups of a half are in four fifths?

Once we write down the question we can finally do the math. The most important part about dividing fractions is the Reciprocal, the reciprocal makes your  Denominator 1.

Steps on how to successfully solve the math question

1. You re-write the math statement just like on the picture above
2. Use reciprocal to make denominator 1
3. Multiply
4. Solve

Here is an awesome Link to a dividing fraction song.

Monday, December 17, 2012

                                                                          Pay it forward
 what i did for my pay it forward is that i went to the  hospital  where my mom works at 12 in the morning to help the staff there put up decoration for the patients. i didn't get to do much because it was so late  at night but luckily we were able to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it. i also donated some of my christmas decoration to the hospital to.

Chantelle's scribe post

5 questions from 8.1 . and my answers for the questions

2. Write each repeated addition as a multiplication.
   a) (+5) + (+5) + (+5) + (+5) = (+20)
       (+4) x (+5) = (+20)

3. Write each expression as a repeated addition.
   a) (+4) x (+1) = (+4)
       (+1) + (+1) + (+1) + (+1) = (+4)

4. What multiplication statement does each set of diagrams represent?

(+3) x (+3) = (+9) 

5. Complete each multiplication statement. show your thinking.
   a)  (+2) x (+8) = (+16) 

Jordan's good scribe post

negative 12 divided by negative 3 = (+4)
4 times 3 =12

rule for it is :  a negative divided by a negative is a positive 
                    a negative divided by a positive is a negative

                    a positive divided by a positive is a positive   

                   a positive divided by a negative is a negative

5         3     15  
8    x   2     16

2          6         12
3    x    5         15

11     x    12      132             4  6
6              7        42                  42

2   x     2            4             1 1
3          1            3                3

Cheyanne's Fraction scribepost

6. Determine each quotient by completing the number lines.
(sorry if the  pictures are backwards)

8. A board that is 3/5 of a metre long is cut in half. What fraction of a metre is each piece?
a. Write a division statement to answer this problem.
3/5 divided by two
b.use a model to determine the quotient
9. Teresa finds 9/12 of a chocolate bar to share with 3 friends. What fraction of a chocolate bar does each person get?
a. Write a division statement to answer this problem
9/12 divided by 3

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sara's Integer Post

Chapter 8.2 questions # 6, 4, 8, 5, 9a)

6. Determine each product using the sign rules.
a)(+7) x (+6)= +42
b)(+8) x (-4)= -32
c)(-5) x (+9)= -45
d)(-10)x (-11)= +110





Here is a video for you to learn more about multiplying integers

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Roselle`s Integer Post

what we learned to divide integers

1. eg. 12/3= 4         12  = 4
How many groups of 3 are in 12?

 Share 12 equally with 3 groups

-12/ -3= +4       -12 =4       

How many groups of -3 are in -12?

3. -12/3= -4         -12 = -4

Share -12 equally with 3 groups

12/-3= -4          12 = -4

Share 12 with -3 groups (X)

Multiplicative Inverse (use)

-3 x -4= 12

  ?    x -3= 12 (NO PICTURE)

Eula's Integer Post

Here are the 5 questions I chose to do a scribe on:
(No idea what that red thing on question 8 is, must have been dirt from the scanner)
(Another sorry about the ugly number lines, I didn't really want to use a ruler)

Not in order.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Bianca's Integer Post

Dividing integers

Today in class we learned about dividing integers.

First of all it follows the sign rules too.
  • If you have the same sign the answer is a positive integer.
  • If you have different signs the answer is a negative integer.
There are two ways to write a division statement and their questions in words.

12 ÷ 3 = 4

 3 = 4
  • How many groups of 3 are in 12?                   

  •   Share 12 equally with 3 groups     


-12 ÷ -3 = 4

 -3  = 4

The "share" sentence doesn't work with this question because it won't make sense.
  • How many groups of -3 are in -12?

 -12 ÷ 3 = -4

  3   = -4

  • Share -12 equally with 3 groups

12 ÷ -3 = -4

 -3  = -4
- How many groups of...
- Share 12 with -3 groups
  • because the statements would not make sense.
Instead you use the "Multiplicative Inverse"
-a multiplication question that asks the same question as the division

Division: 12 ÷ -3 = -4
Multiplication: ? x -3 =12      ? = -4

There is no picture for this one.

Chelsea's Fraction Scribepost

You can also put the dividing fraction into words so you can understand it more clearly.


Here is another example of the question above
1/2 divided by 1/4. How Many 2's go into 1/2? If this confuses you we could write it down in words.

You Could also do a different method, You could do it reciprocal.
Definition of reciprocal-

A mathematical expression or function so related to another that their product is one.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adrienne's Scribepost

2.Justin said, "When I multiply (+5) by a negative interger the product is less than (+5). If I multiply -5 by a negative integer, i I think the product should be less than (-5)."" Do you agree with him? Explain.

No I don't, see, if you multiply a positive with a negative, the product is always negative.
For example, (+5) X (-1) = (-5) , which is less than (+5)
While on the other hand, if you did (-5) X (-1) the product is (+5). This is because if you multiply a negative interger by a negative integer, you get a positive.

a) (+ 2) X (+ 4) = (+ 8)
b) (+ 3) X (-5) = (-15)

a) + X + = + so,  (+10) X (+ 4) = (+ 40)
             b) + X - = -, (+6) X (-5) = (-30)
             c) - X + = -, (-7) X (+5) = (-35)
             d) - X - = +, (-8) X (-4) = (-32)
All you really got to do is multiply then figure out if it`s positive or negative.

I`ll do a video later (Probably not).

Scribe Post

a)  -3 x 2 = -6
-3 groups of 2

b)  4 x 4 = 16
4 groups of 4

a) 4 groups of -7

b) 2 groups of 9

a) -6 groups of -6

b) 9 groups of 6

c) 12 groups of 2

11 groups of 0