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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Benedict's Pay it Forward

Part 1. What is Pay It Forward?
Pay It Forward is an Act Of Kindess that shows that you care for a person or people that you may or may not know of. It is about sharing your blessings of material things or sometimes even sharing of your time like visiting a sick friend or relative. Doing Act Of Kindness in my own little way will make a difference in the life of others and that is for me true happiness.

Part 2. What was your Act Of Kindness?
My Pay It Forward is wrapping Christmas toys for kids who can't afford toys this season along with my friend Miguel Silveira.

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because I want to give joy to children this Christmas.

Who did you help?
Children in the far north of Canada.

What did you do?
Miguel and I wrapped the children's toys during weekends and wrote on each toy the message of Christmas which is HOPE and LOVE this coming Christmas and New Year.

When did you do your Act Of Kindness?
We did it for 2 weekends, November 22 and December 1.

Part 3. How did your Act Of Kindness go?
Miguel and I prepared the wrappings and the labels of the message for each toy. We wrapped over 200 children's toys.

How did you feel?
While Miguel and I were wrapping the toys, we realized how blessed we are to have a family that provides us with the things that we want. We felt happy because we know we are making other children have a happy Christmas.

Part 4. Why is the idea of  '' Pay It Forward'' important?
Pay It Forward is important in our world today because there  is alot of people who are in need of help and it is for us to show that we care and that we can make a difference to make life a little bit better for others and who knows someday the children whom we helped will also help other kids and that will make a chain of Act Of Kindness.

Miguel and I with some toys that we wrapped.



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