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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mikaela's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it Forward is when you go out and do a random act of kindness for a stranger or someone you may know. It comes unexpectedly and out of the blue, a surprise for whoever you wish to do it to whatever it may be. Pay it Forward is like a chain reaction, it keeps going and going. But, it only continues if you go out and make a difference in someone else's life. Person to person, that's how it spreads. 

Part 2
What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was to spread the word and hopefully motivate or cheer numerous people up by giving them cards with information on Pay it Forward and quotes written on them.
Why did you choose this activity? 
I chose this activity because right after watching the movie I just felt that a nice way to Pay it Forward would be to give out cards telling people about this inspirational movement. Plus what a better way to spread some kindness but, to put a smile on someone's face or give them some hope by using quotes that I felt were very loud in terms with the mind and heart. 
Who did you help?
I helped numerous people whom I didn't know as mentioned in my first answer. I did not get to see who I would be helping but, I did have an encounter with a man that asked what I was doing.
What did you do?
I went down my street with my cards and carefully placed them under people's cars' windshields. I managed to make 20 of these cards and almost got to distribute them on my whole street. As with the encounter with the man, he saw me taking a picture of the card I just placed on what presumably was his car when he asked me "Hey, what're you doing? Why're you taking a picture?" in a voice that was polite yet defensive. I told him it was for Pay it Forward and that if he take a look at the card later he could find more about it on a website (which you can view if you click here) that I had found a few days ago. He then asked "What's it for?" and I answered with "It's for school.". Afterwards I asked him if it was alright to use the picture and he said so and smiled. I felt a bit nervous when me and him had that brief encounter but, I did feel good after and continued down my street.
When did you do you act of kindness?
I did this act of kindness today on December 2nd, 2012. Though I wish I had done it sooner than the day before the due date.

Part 3
How did your act of kindness go?
My act of kindness went very well. Not exactly how I had planned it to be but, very similar to my vision.
What Happened?
*Included in Part 2: What did you do?*
How did you feel?
When I got back home I felt wonderful. Even though in the beginning of this project I felt that my activity would be small and make no impact whatsoever, at the end I started to think more about it and like what I wrote on the back of the cards "One act of kindness can go a long way, no matter how simple or complicated it may be" I felt that I would be making a change. Hopefully, that makes sense.
How did the person or people react?
*Included in Part 2: What did you do?*
Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?
I did not ask the person I had an encounter with to "Pay it Forward" directly, I only told them how on the card it had information about it and the website I mentioned earlier.
How did they react to your request?
Like I said in Part 2: What did you do? all he said was "Alright."--he had the expression of understanding etched onto his face.
If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come?
I did not directly/truly explain to him the idea of "Pay it Forward" because I felt a little shy but, now that I think about it I wish I could have told him about it more broadly.

Part 4
Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
I think the idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because I believe the message is true. That if we as individuals make an act of kindness for another it can make a huge, positive difference in our world. By means, it could make our world a better, happy and more peaceful place to live in. 
Has your act of kindness made a difference?
If I were to say, I do think my act of kindness has a made a difference. Even though it may not seem so differential to others.

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