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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Matt's Integer Scribepost

You guys remember when we subtracted with those little baby numbers and used the cute tiles? Well now we are dealing with the big boys and using the tile method is a real pain. But fortunately there is another method and that is the number line.

I have picked 5 questions that have big boy numbers and I will show you how to solve them.

Question #1:
(+8) - (+40) =?

Question #2:
(-7) - (-74) =?
Question #3:
(-37) - (-13) =?

Question #4:
(-30) - (-10) =?

Question #5:
(+97) - (-2) =?

Those are my 5 picks and these are my own pictures as you can see my initials "M.B"

Follow this link to watch a video that I have made that explains how to remove integers and I have used question #5 to explain how.

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  1. Sorry that I could not upload the video itself in the post but Blogger was messing up and I just decided to use YouTube to show my video.