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Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheyanne's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Paying it forward is a  concept that involves doing something good for someone in response to doing something good for someone else. Usually because someone did something good for you. So you're returning the favour. 
Part 2
My pay it forward act of kindness was giving out inspiring Christmas cards to my neighbors, and people on the street. I choose this activity because I like to be creative and make cool designs on cards and stuff. I also really like to inspire people with the quotes I make up. In my activity I helped all the people who needed something to brighten their day or inform them that they too, can make a difference. Whether big, or small. I made a dozen and gave them out to my neighbors and to random people I walked by on the street ( if they didn't look intimidating). I did my act of kindness on the second of December.

(My pictures were not wanting to download, but I will put them on later.)

Part 3
My act of kindness went pretty well. Some people rejected the cars and some people accepted them. I felt really happy, like I was making someone's day. Most people said yes. And thanked me for the card.On the card I asked them to pay it forward. I am not sure about how they reacted because I did not see there face when they read the card ( it was in an envelope).

Part 4
Pay it forward is important because it  takes one random act of kindness, which inspires other acts of kindness towards others. When someone takes their time to do something kind to you without expecting anything in return. Then you do it to someone else. My act of kindness made a difference because hopefully the people who read the card got inspired to pay it forward in return:)

P.S. Here is a blog I think you would enjoy and is based on the topic of random acts of kindness.
P.P.S. Did you know that there is a pay it forward day?  It's next date will be April 25/2013. Check this website out for deets!

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