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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chelsea's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 Practice Test

a) For every can of Zap, the cost will be $3.00.
b) -The cost increases by 3
    -The cans increase by 1
    -The graph forms a linear relation
c) If a point was placed at (0, 0) the coordinate would represent 0 cans of Zap at 0 cost



b) There will be 204 dots will be in Figure 60.

Chapter 9 Review


b) Yes, the graph shows a linear relation because the red dots make a straight line.
c) Yes, because within the hours on the x axis, Klaus doesn't need to work for the full hour.

a) The pattern on the y axis is going up by 2. 
    On the x axis, the pattern goes up by 1.


c) y = 8 when x = 2
    y = 17 when x = 5

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