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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mariel's Algebra Scribepost

*I'm answering 4 questions from 9.2 in the homework booklet just so you know. 

7. Graph the ordered pairs in the table of values.

8. Circle the table(s) of values that show a linear relation. Explain your answer. 

A shows a linear relation because "l" goes up by 2, and "m" goes up by 2 starting at 7. 

9. The table of values represents a linear relation.

a. Graph the ordered pairs. 
b. What is the difference in value for consecutive x-values? 
     The value of x increases by 1.

c. What is the difference in value for consecutive d-values?
     The value of d increases by 3.

d. The d-value is 3 times the x-value.

e. Write an expression for d in terms of x. 

10. For what number of hours is it cheaper to rent by the day rather than by the hour? Show your work.

The answer is 5 hours.

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