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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kyler's Algebra Post

Klaus works after school. This table represents his hourly pay.

b) Is this a linear relation? Explain.
Yes, because it has the same pattern every time.

c)is it possible to have other points in between the ones on the graph.
Yes, because you can have half of $9.

Graph the ordered pairs.

b)The pattern of table for A is up by 1 each time and B is up 4 each time
c) Describe the relationship between the values A and B. Use words and an expression.
B is A times 4 plus 1

12a) Speedy Print Shop charges $2 for the first colour copy and $1 for each additional colour copy.

b) Is this a Linear relation.
No, because the pattern is not the same.
c)What is an expression for the cost in terms of the number of colour copies?       ->         n + 1

d) What is the cost of 12 colour copies?
The cost of 12 copies is $13

15. Dana has graphed the equations y = 2x + 1 and y = -2x + 1 using integers values.
a) How are the graphs similar? Both of the number are odd
b) How are they diffident? One said of the graphs are negative the other is positive

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