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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nicholas's Algebra Post

Chapter 9 practice test

6. If the equation is is s = -4x + 2, the value for s in (-1,s) is 6

A way to check the answer is to make a table of values 

8. The graph shows the cost of a new drink called Zap

A) What is the price per can of Zap?
The price for each can of Zap is $3

B) Describe three patterns on the graph
One pattern is that n goes up by 1, cost goes up by 3 and it goes over 1 up 3 repeating

9.The pattern can be represented by the formula b = 4f, where b is the number of black dots and f is the figure number.

A) Make a table of values for the number of black dots in figure 1 to 5

B) use the formula to determine the number of black dots in figure 60
The answer to the question is  240 black dots

10. The formula for the pattern below is s = 2f + 1, where s is the number small squares and f is the figure number

A) Make a table of values for the first 5 in the pattern 

B) Draw a graph to show the relationship

 c) Is the relationship linear? Explain 
The graph is not linear  because it does not do a constant pattern from the beginning to the end

Here a link to a video on algebra

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