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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rowel's Algebra Scribe Post

I chose number 11 and number 12 on page 339


a) What are the coordinates for point W?

(x,y)    (40,2)

b) What does each coordinate for point W represent?

40- amount invested ($), 2- simple interest ($)

c) Describe patterns on the graph.

for each 40 amount invested ($) you get $1 for simple interest

d) If the pattern continues, what is the simple interest earned on $180 after one year

$180 after one year equals $9 in simple interest


a) Copy the table and fill in the missing values for s and P.

b) Describe the patterns on the graph.

For each side length (cm) there is 4 (cm) in perimeter

c) Are any other points possible between those shown on the graph? Explain

Yes it is possible. It is possible for squares to have side lengths that are not whole numbers. 
Eg. A square having a side length of 1.3 cm

d) Does the graph show a linear equation? Explain.

Yes it does, because the graph has points that are in a straight line

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  1. Well done. Perhaps a video and a link would make the post complete. Thanks for scribing