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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kyla's Algebra Post

Practice (pg. 340)

a.) Make a table of values from the graph

b.) Describe the patterns on the graph.
  • The quantity increases by a 100 the cost then increases by 75. 
  • It is a linear relation

c.) Use the graph to estimate the cost of 350g of dried apricots.

d.) What is the actual cost of 350g of dried apricots? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

a.) For the ordered pair (2, 80) tell what each coordinate represents.
2 = minutes
80 = number of words

b.) What is the typing speed in words for a minute for point A?
40 words (1,40)

c.) Does this graph represent a linear relation? Explain.
Yes, because the coordinates appears to be aligned in a straight line.

d.) Would most people's typing would result to a linear graph? Explain.
Yes, if they keep typing at the same pace unless their typing speed would either get slower or faster.

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  1. Nice post but showing the graphs in question would make it much better.