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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elisha's Alegebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 review and pre-test


sorry couldn't put the picture of the actual question

8. The graph shows a linear relationship (review)

a) Describe what the graph is about

-it is about a grade class having a car wash

b) describe patterns on the graph

- it has a recursive pattern
- goes over 1 and up 10

c) What is the cost of one car wash?

- 10$

d) Make a table of values from the graph


e) If 15 cars are washed, what is the income for the grade 8 class?

- their income will be 150$


9. The graph shows part of a linear relation (review)

a) Describe patterns on the graph

-over 1 up 4

b) make a table of values using at least 5 whole number values for x

c)what is the value of y  when x=2?

- y=11

d) what is the value of y when x=5?


10. The table represents a linear relation (review)


a) Graph the ordered pairs

b) What is the difference in value for consecutive A-values? What is the difference in value for consecutive B-values? 

- A value- +1
- B value- +4

c) describe the relationship between the A and B. Use words and an expression.

-  4x+1

6. If the equation is s= -4t+2 the value for is in (-1,s) is __. (pretest)


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