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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Camilla's Algebra Scribe Post

I chose number 6 and number 9 in page 338 in the textbook.

a)  Describe patterns shown on this graph. Does the graph show a linear relation? Explain

The quantities of banana chips are 0g to 400g. They are linear because the dots form up a straight line.

b) Make a table of value from graph

c)Is it reasonable to include a point on the graph to show the cost of 250 g of banana chips? Explain

Yeah, It is possible to buy banana chips that are not that the same multiples of 100

a) Make a table of values from the graph
b) What is the hourly rate of pay shown on this graph?

The hourly rate of pay is 15$

c) Do you think it is reasonable to include a point for t=3.5?

Yes, I think its reasonable because you can include a point for h=3.5, the employee will work for 3 and a half ours.

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  1. Nice scribe. Adding a video and link would make it complete. I like how you showed the table of values.