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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Katie's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter Review:


B) Yes because it forms into a straight line, and also both T and P have the same consecutive values in their rows.

C) Yes because it's possible that the price and the time don't have to be
                                                                                                        whole numbers in order to do that.

Practice Test:

1. You can describe 2x-1 as a(n)

A) Constant
B) Equation
C) Expression
D) Variable

The answer is "C' some people may have it confused as an equation since it's similar to expression but equations have an "=".  2x-1 is an expression since it doesn't have an "=" sign.
So this proves my answer was 6.



Nicholas's Algebra Post

Chapter 9 practice test

6. If the equation is is s = -4x + 2, the value for s in (-1,s) is 6

A way to check the answer is to make a table of values 

8. The graph shows the cost of a new drink called Zap

A) What is the price per can of Zap?
The price for each can of Zap is $3

B) Describe three patterns on the graph
One pattern is that n goes up by 1, cost goes up by 3 and it goes over 1 up 3 repeating

9.The pattern can be represented by the formula b = 4f, where b is the number of black dots and f is the figure number.

A) Make a table of values for the number of black dots in figure 1 to 5

B) use the formula to determine the number of black dots in figure 60
The answer to the question is  240 black dots

10. The formula for the pattern below is s = 2f + 1, where s is the number small squares and f is the figure number

A) Make a table of values for the first 5 in the pattern 

B) Draw a graph to show the relationship

 c) Is the relationship linear? Explain 
The graph is not linear  because it does not do a constant pattern from the beginning to the end

Here a link to a video on algebra

Raphael`s Algebra Scribe Post

7B) Yes, it is a repeating pattern because it has the same pattern over and over again.

7C) It is okay to have points in between because Klaus does not have to work the full hour.

The graph is shows how many cars the students in Gr.8 washed and how much income they get.
On the X-axis the pattern is +1 and on the Y-axis the pattern is +10 so it is over 1 and up 10 repeating.
One car wash will cost $10.00

9. The pattern of the graph is X= +1 and Y= +2
Here`s a Link to a video that i found to help you if you do not get the lesson.

Elisha's Alegebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 review and pre-test


sorry couldn't put the picture of the actual question

8. The graph shows a linear relationship (review)

a) Describe what the graph is about

-it is about a grade class having a car wash

b) describe patterns on the graph

- it has a recursive pattern
- goes over 1 and up 10

c) What is the cost of one car wash?

- 10$

d) Make a table of values from the graph


e) If 15 cars are washed, what is the income for the grade 8 class?

- their income will be 150$


9. The graph shows part of a linear relation (review)

a) Describe patterns on the graph

-over 1 up 4

b) make a table of values using at least 5 whole number values for x

c)what is the value of y  when x=2?

- y=11

d) what is the value of y when x=5?


10. The table represents a linear relation (review)


a) Graph the ordered pairs

b) What is the difference in value for consecutive A-values? What is the difference in value for consecutive B-values? 

- A value- +1
- B value- +4

c) describe the relationship between the A and B. Use words and an expression.

-  4x+1

6. If the equation is s= -4t+2 the value for is in (-1,s) is __. (pretest)


Kyler's Algebra Post

Klaus works after school. This table represents his hourly pay.

b) Is this a linear relation? Explain.
Yes, because it has the same pattern every time.

c)is it possible to have other points in between the ones on the graph.
Yes, because you can have half of $9.

Graph the ordered pairs.

b)The pattern of table for A is up by 1 each time and B is up 4 each time
c) Describe the relationship between the values A and B. Use words and an expression.
B is A times 4 plus 1

12a) Speedy Print Shop charges $2 for the first colour copy and $1 for each additional colour copy.

b) Is this a Linear relation.
No, because the pattern is not the same.
c)What is an expression for the cost in terms of the number of colour copies?       ->         n + 1

d) What is the cost of 12 colour copies?
The cost of 12 copies is $13

15. Dana has graphed the equations y = 2x + 1 and y = -2x + 1 using integers values.
a) How are the graphs similar? Both of the number are odd
b) How are they diffident? One said of the graphs are negative the other is positive

Carla's Algebra Scribepost

Math Review pg. 360 
B) Yes, it does represent a linear relation because their is a recursive pattern on both of the sides.
C) Yes, because you can work for a fraction for over an hour

a) The graph shows the number of cars being washed and the cost for each car that's been washed already.
x-axis - Number of cars
y- axis cost of cars

b) It has a linear relation because it is a recursive pattern.

c) $10

a) 3 x + 2 = y

C) 8=y
D) 17=y

Chapter 9 Practice Test (pg. 362)

The value for s in (-1,s) is 

Sara's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 Review questions

7.a) Make a table of values from the graph
b)Does the graph represent a linear relation? Explain.
 Yes, it shows a linear relation because its on a straight line and it goes up by the same amount everytime.
c) Is it possible to have other points between the ones on this graph? Explain.
Yes, because if she only works for 1 1/2 hours then there are possible points between the graph.

9. a) Describe the pattern on the graph.
x- starts at 1 goes up by 2
y- starts at 2 goes up by 2

b) Make a table of values using at least five whole number values for x.

c) What is the value of  y when x =2?


d) What is the value of y when x=5?


Chapter 9 Practice Test Questions

8 a) What is the price per can of Zap?
Per can of Zap costs $3
b) Describe three patterns on the graph
-The cans increase by 1 everytime
  it has a linear relation because its on a straight line
  The cost increase by 3 everytime
c) If you placed a point at (0,0) what would each coordinate represent?
If you placed a point at (0,0) it would represent 0 cans of Zap and 0 dollars

6. If the equation is s= -4+2, the value for s in (-1,s) is ___
s= -4(-1)+2
s= 4+2

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chelsea's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 Practice Test

a) For every can of Zap, the cost will be $3.00.
b) -The cost increases by 3
    -The cans increase by 1
    -The graph forms a linear relation
c) If a point was placed at (0, 0) the coordinate would represent 0 cans of Zap at 0 cost



b) There will be 204 dots will be in Figure 60.

Chapter 9 Review


b) Yes, the graph shows a linear relation because the red dots make a straight line.
c) Yes, because within the hours on the x axis, Klaus doesn't need to work for the full hour.

a) The pattern on the y axis is going up by 2. 
    On the x axis, the pattern goes up by 1.


c) y = 8 when x = 2
    y = 17 when x = 5

Chapter Review, scribe post

10. Y    Graph                                              7.
     21  |                                               a.) X  Y
     17  |                                             1     1   9     9
     13  |                                             1     2   18   9
      9   |                                             1     4   27   9
      5   |                                                        36    9
      1   |__________                                    45    9
    0     1 2 3 4 5     X                                  
Table 1
M -2-1 0 1 2 3 +1
N -4 -2 0 2 4 6 +2

Table 2
P  Q     d   c
-4  9     1  5
-2  5     2  8
0   1     3  10
2  -3     4  13
4  -7    5   15

-2 +3   +1 +2

12. Y 2 4 6 8 12
      X 1 2 3 4 5

Practice Test

Bethel's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9  Review pg. 360-361


a) The patterns are:
The x axis begins at 0 increases by 1
The y axis begins at 2 increases by 2
To get the x value to the y value you have to go by the equation 3x+2=y


c) 3+ 2 = y
    3(2) + 2 = y
     6 + 2 = y
         8 = y

d) 3x + 2 = y
    3(5) + 2 = y
      15 + 2 = y
          17 = y


a) d represents the distance in kilometres and t represents time in hour.

b) 15 represents the speed travelled by the cyclist.



e) Yes because the cyclist can travel for just a portion of an hour.

f)    t15 = d
   (8)15 = d
      120 = d

Chapter 9 Practice Test pg. 362-363


s = -4t + 2
s = -4(-1) + 2
s = +4 + 2
s = 6




c)  Yes the relationship is linear because the points on the graph lie in a straight line.

Click here to know more about linear relationships.

Here is a video about Linear relationships: