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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bethel's Fraction Scribepost

Textbook page 228-229

How to answer the questions:
- If the fraction is a whole put it in fraction form.
ex: 2 = 2/1
- If there is a mixed number you can convert it to an improper fraction. 
ex:   9/3/4
     = 9 x 3 + 4
     = 39/4
- Then put the equation in fraction form.
- After that the denominator has to equal one by doing reciprocal.
Reciprocal are two numbers  that when multiplied equal one.
ex: 1/4 x 4/1 = 4/4 or 1
- What ever you do to the denominator do that for the numerator.
- Draw a diagram or write down a question to help you understand more.
-Simplify the answer if not.


11. In a comedy review, each performer has a 1/4 hour slot. How many performers are therein a 2 hour show?

15. Shana and Zack painted their rooms using paint in cans of the  same size. Shana used 1/1/2 cans of paint. Zack used 2/3/4 cans of paint. How many times as much paint did Zack use as Shana?

23. It took Svend 9/3/4 minutes to ski up a slope on a cross-country ski trail and only took 2/1/4 minutes to ski back down the same slope. How many times as fast did he ski down the slope as he skied up it?

Here is a link for a dividing fraction game.

Here is a video about dividing fractions:

My fraction test corrections:
I didn't have any mistakes


  1. Good job Bethel! I really liked your diagrams, and how you underlined the answers to show where they were. I really like your post, keep up the good work!

  2. Great job Bethel! Your post stands out so nice and I like your video!