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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Matt's Fraction Scribepost

Today in class we have learned much more about fractions and it is my duty to explain it to you.

Mr. Harbeck has taught us that we can the mathematical equation using words to help you understand more about dividing fractions.


6/3 in words would be: How many equal groups of 3 can go into six?

You also can show your answer with a visual like this:

How many equal groups of a half can go into 6? There are 12 halves, so the result of the this equation is 12.
Another question Mr. Harbeck gave us today was 1/2 ÷ 2= 1/4
This is some what, confusing. So, we write it with words like: Share 1/2 with in 2 equal parts. I will explain in steps: 1. Draw a rectangle, half it. 2. Shade 1 half. 3. Half the shaded section. 4. You have succeeded in sharing 1/2 with 2 equal parts.

You can also get a result of a question like this by using a reciprocal. A reciprocal is a fraction you use to make the denominator 1. Write it with a division line to show what you are dividing. To get this fraction, you write the denominator numbers but flipped. Then the rinse and repeat comes in, what ever you do to the bottom, you have to at the top.

You can also determine the reciprocal by going diagonally. 

Here is a Link that will take you to FRACTION LAND.

I have also left you a video about fractions. Enjoy!


  1. I think you were supposed to explain what we did in class 2 days ago (multiplying fractions). But, anyways this post on what we did yesterday is very well explained. I liked your choice of words because it is was easy to understand. Nice job!

  2. I 2nd emotion Mikaela but I think you really did a good job explaining and using pictures.