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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bianca's Fraction Scribepost

Today in class we learned more about dividing fractions.

You can write the mathematical question into words to help you understand it more.

You can also draw a picture, for example:

-How many equal groups of 1/2 go into 6?
There are 12 halves in 6, therefor 6 divided by 1/2 is 12.

Another way of doing it is simply multiplying 6 by 2 which gives you 12.

1/2 ÷ 2 = 1/4      -How many 2 go into 1/2?      ← now this question doesn't seem to make sense so we're going to say this question in words in another way: Share 1/2 with 2 equal groups.

-first draw a rectangle and cut it in half.
-then shade one half.
-you cut that shaded part in half and shade 1/2 of it.
-you've now shared 1/2 in 2 equal parts/

You can also get the answer for dividing fractions in a different method. It is when you use a reciprocal.

A reciprocal is the fraction you use to make the denominator 1. You can write it with a fraction line to represent the division.

←To do that, you just write the same numbers of the     denominators but on the opposite side (top/bottom), and  it should equal 1. Then whatever you do to one side you  do to the other.

Another pattern of reciprocal is when the numbers across each other diagonally are the same.

Here is a Link for dividing fractions.

 Here is a video for dividing fractions.

My Fraction test corrections:
I didn't have any mistakes on the test.


  1. This is a really nice post! Thank you for describing what a reciprocal means. Now I will remember what it is. I also like your pictures. Good job Bianca! Keep it up. :)

  2. Good job Bibi :) I liked the way you described and showed what reciprocals are... I was getting troubled with that at math class, I was like, "What the fraction?" So yeah, thanks and good job, once again.

  3. Good job Bianca! I have a better understanding on how to divide fractions now. Also nice choice on video!

  4. Nice post Bianca! I understood it easily and I think it helped me more understand how to divide fractions!

  5. Good job Bianca! I like how you defined Reciprocal. I also liked how you added picture it helped me more on how to divide fractions.

  6. Very Nice!! :) You explained everything so well. For example if someone doesn't know how to do this then they should look at your post because its very understandable and i also like how you put pictures to explain it more.

  7. Good job Bianca! Everything we learned today you explained it and it helped me understand more about how to divide fractions and reciprocals. Good pictures too.

  8. I think you did a great job. I thought you did really well with the words and the pictures really helped also. I also like the video, nice choice.

  9. Good Job!! Your pictures helped me know more how to divide fractions, and its nice.