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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mikaela's Fraction Scribepost

To answer "3. a)" I will use reciprocals to model the statement.

3. b) I chose the reciprocal method because I have a better understanding on it and I find it easier to do than use diagrams.

I will be answering questions "4. a)" and "4. b)". I will be using the reciprocal method to determine each quotient.
Share 1/4 with 3 equally.
The answer is 1/8.

Share 1/3 with 3 equally.
The answer is 1/9.

Share 2/3 with 4 equally.
The numerical answer can be simplified into 1/6.
The final answer for question "7" is: Each student will get 1/6 of juice from the full pitcher.

Here is a link I found that specializes in dividing fractions by whole numbers and vice versa. Click the + to check it out!

This video I found is about 14 minutes long but, it's worth the time! (I found it pretty helpful). I hope you enjoy it!

*This scribepost was to answer questions from our textbook in Section 6.2 (Pg. 208-209)

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  1. I really like your post because you used reciprocals, but it would've helped a lot if you did some diagrams. It being difficult makes it more so important for you to add it in your post, we're here for you to help us on the difficult things. Great job though.