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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miguel P's Scribe Post

Dividing Fraction

6 / 1/2=
you can turn it into 6/1  /  /1/2
how many groups of 1/2 will go into 6?

by multiplying the 1/2 by 6/1 it will equal to 12

why did i multiply it?
because I reciprocal the 1/2 and get 2/1

so 2/1 x 6/1 = 12

here's another question

7 / 1/2

by turning the 2nd number into a reciprocal i would get 2/1

7/1 /  1/2=     7/1 x 2/1= 14

as you can see if you divide the 6 into a 1/2 will equal you 12 parts

by using reciprocal i would multiply instead of drawing , dividing and counting

here is a link for you to practice your math

if the you still don't get it, look at this video

math test corrections

1)  2 1/2 x 1 3/5


3/2 x 8/5 = 40/ 10 simplify 4

2) 2 1/4 x 1 1/3


improper the mixed and get:
9/4 x 4/3= 36/12 = 3

3) Tamar had an apple pie in her refrigerator  she ate 1/4 of this piece of pie. what fraction of a whole pie did she eat?

1/2 x 1/4 = 1/8

4) in computer terminology, a bit is 1/8 of a byte. how many bits equal 16 bytes?

1/8    /  16/1
1/8  x  1/16 = 1/128


  1. Your visual and picture parts are great, but when it was the video part, the momentum of your post went from up to down, but all in all it was great nice job!

  2. Nice! I would like it even more if you got pictures for the first question so people can see it/understand it better!

  3. I like your post but I think if you made a visual for the first question it would've really helped, though it still really helped me on dividing fractions and reciprocals.

  4. I would have liked if you had visuals for your earlier question so I could follow along with not just the words but, the pictures as well if you had one (the rest are done well and self explanatory with the labels). Overall nice job!

  5. Your pictures were great! But you should put a picture for the the first question so it can be more understandable