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Monday, November 26, 2012

Elisha's Pay it Forward

Part 1

To me, pay it forward is when one person tries to do one act of kindness to three people with nothing in return. The people that the person helped try to do an act of kindness to three other people as well. So one person equals three people to help and it keeps on going.

Part 2

My pay it forward act of kindness was sending Christmas presents to kids in Africa who couldn't afford to buy there own Christmas presents. I choose this activity because Christmas was close by and I know that there are kids who are less fortunate than other people and wouldn't get something very special on such a very special holiday. I helped kids in Africa or areas in the world who had extreme poverty. I took a shoe box and put things like school supplies, toys, hygiene items such as tooth brushes and combs/brushes and a personal note saying a message. I packed about 8-10 boxes. I had to label it either a girl or a boy and I also had to choose an appropriate age group for what age the boxes should be given to. Then I sent them to Operation Christmas Child Samaritans Purse so they can deliver it to the kids who would be getting it. I did this act of kindness on November 9, 2013.

Part 3

My act of kindness went good. Sometime in December, kids would be receiving there Christmas gifts/boxes. I felt very happy for doing this. Just knowing that at least one or two people that I helped will be happy. This made me very glad that I can do these kind of stuff. In the boxes that I sent I left a message. It said,
"Have a nice holiday and I hope you pay it forward."
I explained in the note what "Pay it Forward" meant and I said that giving one act of kindness can make a big difference in that person's life. It would be hard for me to see those people's reaction because I don't know them and they live some where else in the world. I just hope that they actually have some thoughts in doing pay it forward and hope that their reaction is a good reaction.

Part 4

I think that "Pay it Forward" is important because it helps you realize that one person can make a big difference. It can start with one person and as soon as you realize it, millions of people are trying to make a difference in someone's life just as what you are trying to do. To me, making a difference isn't that hard to do. I think my kindness made a difference because I helped kids who are less fortunate than others. They would be getting something that they wouldn't be able to afford. Christmas is the time to be mostly giving so I, took my time and gave them something to look forward to for Christmas and it didn't take me that long to do.

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