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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adrienne's Proportion post

Part 1

Ratio - Compares two quantities or more of the same unit.
Example: 3 people with bowties to four people with regular ties.

Rate - A ratio comparing two quantities of different units
Example: Eight hundred pieces of candy/$2

Proportion - A relationship that says two ratios or two rates are equal.
Example: 1 dollar/5 angry business men = 3 dollars/ 15 angry business men

Part 2

    1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about _____km/h.
Since there's no number, just h, it's 1 hour so all we need to do is divide by 5, getting 1. For 360, do the same thing, resulting in 72. 

    2.Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns. Emma earned $75 last week. How much money did Emma save last week?
There are two ways I thought of to do this, both were fairly easy. The first one was just multiply both of them by 75. The second was, since 75 is three quarters of a hundred, divide the dollar ( 1 dollar or 100 cents) and then multiply by three.


Part 3

3/4 = 12/16 
To prove equiviliant ratios are true, you can always play baseball, multiplying the numerator of one fraction with the denominator of the other then dividing that number with the other denominator and see if you have the numerator of the one you didn't use. Or you can always find the unit rate, I usually try that first. It'd be simple in this case too, just divide by 4 12/16 and you'd get 3/4.  And the last one i forget.
4/9 = 16/32
This one, isn't true. 9 doesn't go into 32 correctly and if someone did 4 X 32 it'd be 128. 128 divided by 16 equals 8. It's close but not close enough.  It should be 4/9 = 16/36

Part 4

I can't do this part because sometimes my computer and youtube don't mix, it's like an everylasting tango of one-up-manship, each one trying to get farther from each other every step and sometimes if one of them is lucky has an excuse to get away. Most of the time it's youtube that gets away from me, disconnecting and giving me the same old static about seven times in a row.

Part 5

1. Well that doesn't seem fair. What, just because he's part of some big company he gets off free with a warning and a stern 'Don't do it again'?
2. 40 monthes/$3 billion =/= 15 years/ $100
Maybe if it was $7.5 billion the guy stole, it'd make sense but $100? Nope.
3. Because the guy actually turned himself in and got 15 years and the judge must of been a little off that day, whereas a man who was part of a scheme to get 3 billion, had only 4 monthes. It just doesn't add up or seem fair.
4. I would of done 15 years for the whoever was part of the fraud, and given the guy that stole $100 40 monthes. You know, sentences that almost makes sense, but that's just me.

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