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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My We Day Experience

Overall Impression:
My overall impression of WeDay was that it was simply inspiring. When Spencer West came on the stage I was just so impressed that he could do all this stuff without legs, like I didn't know that Spencer climbed up to the peak of Mount Killamanjaro. It was outstanding that I saw so much support from famous people like Lights, Shawn Desmund, and All-Star Weekend. I was so proud of myself that I got selected to attend WeDay because it changes how you act, it tells you that you have purpose in life. You're not just a simple person, you can be hero and help the other families have the life you have today.

Speakers That Impacted Me:
Molly Burke impacted me because she stood up to bullying, she fights through it everyday and she speaks with her voice proudly. She told a breath-taking story and she impacted me, on how I act. She said that she was bullied constantly at school and one day she got bullied so much she became blind. I was totally sad for her and the bullies should be ashamed. She said she was desperate for friendship and I felt a tug on my heart that really hurt. She said we are all victims of bullying, and she's right because everyday there's one person that gets bullied and the recent story about Amanda Todd is that she hung herself because she was getting all this hatred thrown at her. It's not right, if we all stand up to bullying we can make a change, a change that will make the world a much better place for the ex-victims of bullying. Not only do we use our voice to help, or to talk, but we use it to rise up to our problems and face it with all of our courage.

Mikhail Gorbachev has impacted me too because without his courage to stand up and end the Cold War, we would not have the peace we have today. He talked and talked to all the Commanding Forces of U.S.A and he ended the Cold War. He has brought upon a noble peace prize for doing what he did. He stopped 100,000 nuclear bombs and they were supposed to be launched so they can engage war. So we owe him a huge thank you because he changed the world, if one man can stop a war, if a man without legs can reach the peak of Mount Killamanjaro, then we can do anything to change the world, and imagine if we all did one thing, we would can make impossible, possible and how we can do that, is we come to WeDay and show our support by doing their campaigns.

Shawn Desmund- Nobody Does it Like You
Lights- Toes
Robb Nash- I don't know the song
Tyler Shaw- "" ""
Justin Nozuka- "" ""
All-Star Weekend- "" ""

The Law of the Few: An action that a few amount of people do because they want to be a change, then later on they end up with so much support from the people that were inspired like Spencer West, he only had a couple of friends and his family supporting him, but now there are thousands of people supporting him from Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Minnesota.

The Law of Will: "Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize. Fight for what you believe is morally right. Like that women who stood up and said that women should have the right to vote.
The Law of We: The fact that together we can make a change and we can make the world a better place.

Ghandi said: "BE THE CHANGE."



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