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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My We Day Experience

Experience on We Day

Still can't believe that I just had the best experience I ever had at "We Day". Being there at We Day changed my impression to the world. Some people in different countries are living in poverty and doesn't even have any clean water. Kids doesn't even have any proper education. That is why We Day is a day to be the change. They inspire our generation of kids to lead global change. Being there seeing all of those speakers that made a difference to the world are truly brilliant and inspirational. There are also performers there that did amazing like Shawn Desman, Lights, Victoria Duffield and Tyler Shaw. I was so excited hearing them sing live it was a really great day. All of those people made me pumped up on We Day. Honestly I was lucky to be picked as one of the people to go there. My experience on We Day was fun, exciting and inspirational. You should spread the word and tell everybody to take action, make a difference and be the change.


The performers were Lights, Shawn Desman, Victoria Duffield, All Star Weekend, Justin Nozuka, Tyler Shaw and Rob Nash.All of the performers were great; I especially liked it when Shawn Desman, Lights and Tyler Shaw sang. When Jessie Giddings introduced them I was screaming already. Their voices was just amazing that makes you pumped up. I was singing with them to their songs and it was a lot of fun.
That day is a memory to keep.

Lights - Toes
Victoria Duffield - Break my Heart
All Star Weekend - Not Your Birthday
Justin Nozuka
Tyler Shaw - Kiss Goodnight
Rob Nash
Shawn Desman - Nobody Does It Like You

Who impacted me:

Who impacted me? Well I think all of the speakers did; Molly Burke, Hannah Taylor, Mickhail Gorbachev, Spencer West and many more. All of them did something different to make the world a better place for you and for me. They all told different stories that happened in their lives but Molly Burke had really inspired me. When she talked about her past about being bullied, it had really impacted me in many ways to stand up for bullying. For some people getting bullied like her, how can you go on and not give up? Well, Molly thought about giving up but she found her voice telling her to stand up, even though she lost her courage, dignity and her sight, yes that's right her sight! Even though Molly was blind, she was still one of the most courageous girl I had ever seen. She was inspirational.

"Never Retreat, Never Explain and Never Apologize" -Nellie McClung

      Law of the Few
      Law of Will
      Law of We

Well all I am trying to tell you that you should take action, make a difference and be the change!

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