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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My We Day Experience

My overall impression of the We Day event was awesome. It was breath taking and unbelievable from the beginning to the end. I am very thankful and grateful to be given the chance to go to We Day. I was really excited since I woke up this morning. I was even bragging to my little brother that I was going to We Day. It was really fun to see speakers talk about We Day and share information and personal experience. I liked how we got to walk around and get pictures, signatures, buy stuff and other things. We took tons of pictures to remember those moments. Some people were even photo bombing behind us and it was so funny. Although it was very crowded during the lunch hour, but it was expected. The concert was great, I was cheering and screaming most of the time. I had a marvelous time especially with the singers and the speakers who inspired me.

The speakers who impacted me were Mark and Craig Kielburger, Spencer West and Molly Burke. I liked how Mark and Craig took action to make a difference in the world. Their stories and experiences sent me powerful messages. Spencer was the type of guy who wouldn't give up, he is very courageous and strong physically, mentally and emotionally. He motivated me to be determined to what I want to do and to never give up. Also to redifine possible. The fact that he reached the top of a mountain using his hands with his best friends really hit me. I was kind of tearing up too. Now with Molly Burke, I like how she stays strong. She inspired me to be strong like her and to find my voice in my weakest moments. What had impacted me the most about her was when she told us she lost her eye sight. I felt sympathy for her but at the same time I looked up to her. I also liked her friendship with her dog.

For music, I can simply say I loved it! It started with Jesse Giddings, the way he introduced each speaker and singer. I just love him! The singers such as Shawn Desman, Lights, Victoria Duffield, Robb Nash and all the others were incredible. I wanted them to come to our row so we could touch their hands or something. Shawn Desman and Lights were my favorite, I've always loved their songs. I was singing along, cheering and clapping, their songs were amazing. It was great seeing people sing along too! The We Day dance this year was really fun. The dance steps were simple but I loved doing them. The cross-over, the boogie, the traffic control and the snap, clap. Oh good times.

The Law of the Few is all about a small amount of people making a difference and will eventually become larger and larger. Never underestimate the power of the few to create change.
The Law of Will is about what Nellie Mclung once said, "never retreat, never explain and never apologize". It is also about standing up for what you believe in.
The Law of We is just saying that together we can make a change. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" -Margaret Mead

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