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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sara's Proportion Post

Sara's Proportion Post

Part 1

Ratio- is a relationship between two numbers of the same kind


example: the ratio of red total tiles is 6:12 or 6 to 12. The ratio in lowest terms is 1:2 or 1 to 2. One out of every two tiles is red.
Rate-  compares two quantities measures in different units


 example: $1.69 per 100g or $1.69/100 g is a rate for purchasing bulk food.
Proportion- a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal 
                    - can be written in fraction form



Part 2
  1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about _____km/h.
2. Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns.  Emma earned $75 last week.  How much money did Emma save last week?

Part 3 
What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statements are true?
3/4 = 12/16  or 4/9 = 16/32

 4/9=16/32 are not equivalent ratio. The statement is not true.
Part 4
To learn more about Proportion here is a video I made.

 Task 5

1.Does this seem fair? 
- NO, this isn't fair

2.With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above.  Does it seem just and fair? 
- No, this is not fair to the homeless man. 

3.Why have you made this choice? 
-  I have made this choice because, the homeless man surrendered the money and still got to prison for 15 years.While the Ex mortgage CEO who is only sentenced for 3 years for $3 billion fraud. That's why I think this is unfair and that's why I made this choice

4.What would you have done if you were the judge?
- If i were the judge, I wouldn't prison the homeless man because he surrendered the money, but yes taking money which is not yours is bad but returning it and still getting prison is not fair. If I were the judge I would just help the homeless man in a good way like giving him food so he wouldn't starve and  be stealing money anymore.

How tall is the tree on the right? 
How tall is the kid?
The average height of a Canadian thirteen years old boy is 5'2 or 60 inches.
The tree on the right is three times as the height of the boy.
I multiplied 60x3= 180 inches. So my estimation is the tree on the right is 180 inches tall.

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