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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Matt's Proportion Post

  • PART 1
Ratio: A comparison of two quantities that both have the same unit of measure.

Rate: Compares two quantities that both have different units

                        591 ml for 1$ (Coke Can)

Proportion: A relationship clarifying that two ratios or rates are the same.


  • PART 2
(1) 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about          km/h.

(2)   Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns.  Emma earned $75 last week. How much money did Emma save last week?    
                   Please look at the diagram above. Pretend that there is one piece of wood that is small and two pieces of wood are large. One small piece of wood for every two large pieces of wood. Now, let's say that there was ten large pieces of wood and you wanted to find out how many small pieces of wood there are. So use proportion that is shown in the diagram below. There are three ways to determine your answer but I will be using two of the most simplest ways.

Now that you have seen a diagram I'll tell you how 3/4 = 12/16 without a diagram. Both numerators are multiples to one and each other, they are both equivalent to each other, and you can check it with one of the ways I did it in the diagram above.
  • PART 4
I have made my own video on Proportion because I like bonus marks.

  •  PART 5

1. Does this seem fair?
No, it's really not.
2. With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above. Does it seem just fair?
No, it does not seem fair.
3. Why have you made this choice?
The reason why is that the man on the top was only prosecuted for 40 months for stealing 3 BILLION dollars from the bank and I think this man was doing something for a living until he robbed a bank and then their is this poor homeless man begging for money and decided to just take 100 dollars when the counter was giving him even more. Later that day, he did the right choice to turn himself in but I think the punishment they gave him was too much. He only needed to pay for food and shelter while the other man was interested in wealth.
4. What would you have done if you were the judge?
If I was the judge in that matter of time I would sentence the man who stole 3 billion dollars from the bank a longer punishment because stealing 3 billion dollars and only being held in jail for 40 months isn't enough. And in the other part I would have sentenced the homeless man only a year or so because even though he needed disobeyed the laws but to see someone stealing much more money than he did and being held in jail for a shorter period of time is just not right. That homeless  man deserves a shorter period in jail and the man who stole 3 billion should have a much much longer period of time in jail.


  1. I liked how well you explained the robbery news and how you think it's unfair.
    In the Emma one you wrote divided by 75 which was suppose to be x75.

  2. I liked how your pictures are easy to understand and you should spread your numbers a little in the picture so it can be more understandable. And I also Liked how you explain the robbery.